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Neckties come from bow ties, you know?

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Note: Neckties come from bow ties, you know?Neckties is the standard configuration of formal occasions, and it is the auxiliary of western style clothing. At present, Neckties has been accepted by most peop

Neckties come from bow ties, you know?

Neckties is the standard configuration of formal occasions, and it is the auxiliary of western style clothing. At present, Neckties has been accepted by most people including Chinese.

There was a story for bow tie.

The bow tie originated from the Croatian mercenaries during the European war in the 17th century. They used silk scarves around their necks to fix the neckline of T-shirts. This method was gradually adopted by the French upper class, and the bow tie was more popular in the 18th and 19th centuries. Honor é de Balzac, a famous French writer, once wrote a book for bow ties.

The photo from baidu.

By the end of the 19th century, the end of the bow tie became longer and longer, and gradually evolved into a tie. The bow tie gradually became out of fashion. only the architect community continued to wear it, because it was an important part of the architect's uniform.

Although ties are more common in today's society, they are being re noticed in business meetings, grand occasions and even at home. Some wear bow ties for a lighter dinner, cocktail party or evening event. Traditionally, the bow tie is still used to match the tuxedo, which is considered to be the only orthodox neckline.

In a formal dinner, you need to wear a bow tie, but it doesn't have to be black. In popular culture, bow tie is sometimes regarded as a meaningful symbol, such as the spy James Bond in novels and movies.

Flat tie is one of the most popular tie methods for men, which is suitable for almost all kinds of neckties.

Tip: the hole formed under the bow tie should be even and lined on both sides. Generally, only silk necktie can make the concave hole

Bow tie 1-A fine-grained tie

A fine-grained tie with a double ring knot to create a sense of fashion, suitable for young office workers. The feature of the tie is that the first lap will be slightly out of the second lap

Bow tie 2 - Windsor knot

Windsor ties are suitable for wide necked shirts, which should be developed horizontally. Should avoid the material is too thick tie, bow tie also do not tie too big.

Bow tie 3 ~ double cross knot

Double cross knot is easy to make people have a kind of elegant and grand feeling, suitable for formal occasions. The tie should be used in plain and silk ties. If it is matched with a shirt with a large lapel, it is not only suitable but also has a sense of dignity

Bow tie 4 ~ Prince Albert knot

The Prince Albert knot is suitable for romantic button collar and pointed collar shirts. It can be matched with a thin necktie with soft romantic material. The correct way to play the knot is to reserve a long space at the wide edge and fit together as much as possible during the second circle

Bow tie 4 ~ 4-hand knot (single knot)

Single knot is the easiest one of all bow ties. It is suitable for all kinds of romantic shirts and ties

Bow tie 5 ~ romantic knot

Romance is a perfect knot, so it is suitable for all kinds of necklines and shirts of romantic series. After finishing, crease the wide edge under the bow tie to reduce the knot shape. The narrow edge can also move it to the left and right to make a small part of it appear next to the wide edge tie.

Bow tie No.6 ~ simple knot

The simple knot is also called the carriage man knot. It is suitable for the tie with thick material. It is most suitable for the shirt with standard and button neckline. The most common knot is to turn the wide edge of the knot from top to bottom at 180 degrees and hide the fold at the back. After finishing, the tie length can be adjusted.

Bow tie 7 ~ cross knot

This style of knot is also called semi Windsor knot. It is very elegant and rare, and its style is more complex. It is easy to use with thin tie. It is most suitable for romantic pointed collar and standard neckline lining.

The bow tie family is a big family, the father of tie and one of the symbols of civilized society. In recent years, with the integration of Chinese and Western cultures, many Chinese people have begun to wear bow ties on some occasions. For this reason, gmtlight has also created a luminous bow tie to make it appear in some entertainment occasions, which is less solemn and serious, but more lively.

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