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Want to export wine to Chinese market? Let's look at these programs first

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Note: Gmtlight:Want to export wine to Chinese market? Let's look at these programs firstThe development trend of imported wine in China is increasing year by year, and wine is a rigid demand in China.

gmtlight:Want to export wine to Chinese market? Let's look at these programs first

The development trend of imported wine in China is increasing year by year, and wine is a rigid demand in China. If you want to sell wine to China, you need to learn the process of wine import. If the process is not correct, you will go through many detours. You may be detained and transferred to the anti smuggling department, and you may not be able to sell wine because you cannot apply for a health license. Let's take a look at the processes required for imported wine to be sold in China

export wine to chinese market

First of all, there should be a Chinese importer. If Chinese importers want to engage in import wine sales business, in addition to general industrial and commercial and tax procedures, their business license also needs to include wine marketing qualification, business license and health license. If an enterprise needs to register its import and export rights, it may also entrust an import and export company to import on its behalf. Exporters usually need to provide a copy of the foreign wine inspection license or the foreign wine labels for the record.

Secondly, it is the process of import wine in China Customs. Whether through the land port or the sea port, the goods must have the entry customs clearance form before they can be declared. It should be noted that the validity period of the customs clearance form is 90 days, so the application for the customs clearance form can be applied a few days before the arrival of the goods at the port, so as to avoid the expiration of the application in advance. When you have all the customs declaration materials, the customs broker will declare in the E-port system. After the documents are issued, the customs broker will deliver the documents to the customs and print out the tax documents. After the enterprises get the tax documents, they can pay the tax in the bank and ask the customs broker to release the goods. It is valid for 5 days from the time when the customs declaration is released. If you want to postpone, you need to postpone the customs declaration for 5 days before it expires. The goods must be cleared within the validity of the customs declaration.

In the process of declaration to the Chinese customs, the customs will strictly review the price of wine provided by the enterprise, so the enterprise must declare truthfully. In case the customs does not recognize the price declared by the enterprise, it will negotiate with the enterprise. The price negotiation materials that the enterprise needs to provide include CD-ROM, electronic file of liquor label, original invoice of origin, original bill of lading, original sample sheet of liquor label, domestic sales certification materials, foreign exchange settlement certificate, trade process description and other materials required by the customs according to the actual situation. Price negotiation will last for a long time, which may take one month. Therefore, enterprises need to arrange the transportation time of goods according to the actual situation, so as to avoid additional storage costs.

export wine to chinese market

China Customs import and export inspection and Quarantine Bureau will conduct on-site inspection process for wine. After arrival, the wine will be sent to the inspection and Quarantine Bureau for sampling and inspection. If there is no problem, the wine will be pasted with the "imported food hygiene supervision and inspection mark" and issued with a health certificate. Those who fail to pass the supervision and inspection are not allowed to be imported. After the inspection and Quarantine Bureau has finished the inspection, the goods can enter the country through the Chinese customs. The customs may also conduct a second inspection on the goods. After the inspection, the goods can be delivered to the address of the consignee by the logistics company. The health certificate is usually issued within 15 working days after the inspection. Before the enterprise obtains the health certificate, the imported products are not allowed to be sold on the market. A bottle of imported wine will appear in front of us after all kinds of strict inspection and audit.

Chinese market often has 3 dollars a bottle of imported wine, I doubt whether the wine is from the right way, consumers can not simply look at the price and ignore the quality when buying wine. When Chinese people drink wine, they are not so reserved as those in western countries. They usually drink one bottle and one glass of wine at a time. Most Chinese consumers still attach importance to the quality of wine, and they are even willing to spend more money on good quality wine.

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