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In China,Leaders are required to quitting smoking in first

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Note: 【gmtlight news】China is launching a large-scale smoking cessation campaign,Several highlights for smoking control doc

gmtlight news】

quitting smoking

China is launching a large-scale smoking cessation campaign,Several highlights for smoking control documents:

Implementation of tobacco control actions,Leaders take the lead in quitting smoking。

Leaders, medical staff and teachers are encouraged to do a leading role in tobacco control. We will build Party and government office at all levels into smoke-free offices. 

To improve the effectiveness of tobacco control through comprehensive means such as taxation and price adjustment. 

By 2022 and 2030, the proportion of people protected by comprehensive smoke-free regulations will reach 30% and above, and 80% and above, respectively.

Tobacco hazard is one of the serious public health problems in the world today. Numerous scientific evidences show that smoking and second-hand smoke exposure (passive smoking) seriously endanger human health. Statistics from the World Health Organization (WHO) show that as many as 6 million people die from smoking every year in the world, i.e. one person dies from smoking-related diseases every six seconds on average; half of smokers die early from smoking; and about 600,000 non-smokers die annually from second-hand smoke exposure.

quitting smoking

In China, To protect people's health, it's time to quit smoking!

How can leaders, medical staff and teachers play a leading role in tobacco control? The answers is:

Participants in official activities should not smoke, and should not respect or encourage smoking.

Medical staff are not allowed to smoke during working hours, and advise and help patients to quit smoking.

Teachers should not smoke in front of students.

In the past, it was common to give gifts to leaders, such as cigarettes. Today, it may be inappropriate to give cigarettes to leaders. One is harmful to health, the other is violation of smoking cessation regulations, and the third is corruption.

Mr Niu,Who working for gmtlight, he said, Quitting smoking will affect tobacco revenue, but it will be useful in eliminating corruption.

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