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Is there urine in Chinese liquor?

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Note: Is there urine in Chinese liquor?Is there urine in Chinese liquor? In China, this is a false proposition. But why should I mention it? The reason is that I once talked with a British friend about Chin

Is there urine in Chinese liquor?

is there urine in chinese liquor

Is there urine in Chinese liquor? Frankly, this is a false proposition.  why should I mention it? The reason is that I talked with a British friend about Chinese liquor several years before. He said with certainty that Chinese liquor is mixed with urine, because he saw the Chinese film "Red Sorghum", in which there was a scene of urination during the brewing process.

is there urine in chinese liquor

Let's recapitulate the plot of red sorghum

At the age of 19, jiu'er, the hero of the story, had to marry Li Datou, who was in his fifties and opened a liquor making workshop in shibalipo village. But jiu'er rode a donkey to the sorghum field and fell in love with Yu Zhanao on the way. In the process of making wine, Yu Zhanao sprinkled a bubble of urine in the newly brewed sorghum wine. Unexpectedly, the taste of sorghum wine was particularly good. Jiu'er named it eighteen Li Hong.

The film won the Golden Bear award at the 38th Berlin International Film Festival. When the film was shown in Britain, the response was strong, but many British people thought that there was urine in Chinese liquor. This is really misleading.

As early as 5000 years ago, the Neolithic civilization here had a history of wine making. Zhuweicheng site in Zhangshu City of China belongs to Neolithic age. A large number of pottery dishes and wine vessels unearthed, as well as exquisite bronzes from Wucheng site (Yin Shang period) all show that China has a long history of wine making.

Chinese liquor has a compound flavor with ester as the main body, starter and mother liquor as saccharifying and fermenting agents, and is brewed from starch (sugar) raw materials through cooking, saccharification, fermentation, distillation, aging and blending. The whole brewing process has nothing to do with urine.

According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, wine is the essence of water and grain. Therefore, after people drink liquor, the Qi mechanism of human body is affected by wine, and it will produce a fierce state. The theory of traditional Chinese medicine is that it can stimulate people's Yang Qi. Liquor has the following effects and functions: first, it can stimulate Yang Qi, and alcohol can stimulate human sympathetic nerve, making people more excited; second, it can improve local microcirculation, adjust blood circulation, and play the role of expelling cold; third, it can relax tendons, activate blood circulation, and relieve pain; fourth, it can regulate solar atmosphere, and help to flirt; fifth, it can be used as a drug guide, leading drugs into the meridians. You can drink liquor in moderation.

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