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Ten practical ways to quit smoking

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Note: For smokers, quitting smoking is hard to imagine.Smoking is harmful, not only to human health, but also to society. As long as there are signs of life, any organized organism must breathe, exhale the

For smokers, quitting smoking is hard to imagine.

Smoking is harmful, not only to human health, but also to society. As long as there are signs of life, any organized organism must breathe, exhale the carbon dioxide in the body, inhale the oxygen in the air, and metabolize to maintain normal life activities. Non smokers can inhale a lot of fresh air every day, while regular smokers can't enjoy the benefits of nature. What they inhale is not fresh air, but poisonous gas polluted by smoke.

Tobacco contains nicotine, also known as nicotine. One gram of nicotine can kill 300 rabbits or 500 mice. If you give people 50 milligrams of nicotine, they die.

Smoking is the most harmful to the respiratory tract, it is easy to cause laryngitis, tracheitis, emphysema and other diseases. When smoking, the smoke comes from the mouth, through the throat, trachea, bronchus and into the blood.

Therefore, gmtlight staff advocates smoking cessation, no smoking and less smoking. We have sorted out some practical methods of smoking cessation, hoping to help you.

practical ways to quit smoking

Smoking cessation with snacks

Prepare some snacks that you can grind your teeth, such as melon seeds, walnuts, peanuts, etc. These snacks, because they need to be peeled, will take up a lot of your time, thus counteracting the urge to smoke.

Drinking water to quit smoking

If you want to smoke, it is suggested that you can choose to drink water, drink a lot, drink yourself full, you will have the feeling of not smoking. If you have something in your stomach, you will think less of smoking.

Meditation on quitting smoking

When you want to smoke, start to meditate, close your eyes, relax your body, and then imagine beautiful things and scenery in your mind. In this way, you will give up the desire to smoke.

Sleep to quit smoking

Since you don't want to smoke, go to bed. When you fall asleep, you don't think about anything. When sleeping, you can choose to put the orange peel wrapped up beside your pillow, which has the effect of sleeping.

practical ways to quit smoking

Smoking cessation with strong tea or coffee

Tea health, of course, can also help you get rid of the problem of smoking. It is suggested that when you want to smoke, you can make yourself a cup of strong tea or coffee and drink it, which will have a good effect.

Simulated smoking cessation

Of course, the process of quitting smoking is painful. It's better to find a way to smoke that can be simulated. For example, you can put a pen in your mouth as if you are in the process of smoking. In this way, although it seems silly, but at least no longer smoke.

fitness exercise quit smoking

Of course, exercise can also help you quit smoking. We all know this very well. If you choose to go out for a run or climb a mountain in good weather, you will not want to smoke again when your lungs are clean.

Yoga to quit smoking

Now there is a way to do yoga exercise, which can not only purify the mind, but also make your body better. Learning Yoga with a yoga teacher will help you quit smoking.

Transfer smoking cessation

There are many ways to divert your attention. For example, you can play games, watch movies, watch TV, or listen to music. All of these can take your attention away from smoking, so you don't want to smoke any more.

Image to quit smoking

It depends on your own will. If you can stick to it, you can let go of smoking. We all know this, especially those who have successfully quit smoking.

Gmtlight:once you quit smoking, you will feel more relaxed than ever.

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