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What are the main values of cactus?

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Note: What are the main values of cactus?Cactus has many available values, mainly including the following aspects:Medicinal value of cactusCactus as a medicinal plant in China was first recorded in the comp

What are the main values of cactus?

values of cactus

Cactus has many available values, mainly including the following aspects:

Medicinal value of cactus

Cactus as a medicinal plant in China was first recorded in the compendium of Materia Medica by Zhao Xuemin in Qing Dynasty. According to the book, cactus is light in taste and cold in nature. It has the effects of promoting qi and blood circulation, clearing heat and detoxification, detumescence and pain relief, invigorating spleen and relieving diarrhea, tranquilizing and diuretic. It can be used for internal and external treatment of many diseases. Cactus is mainly used in the treatment of sores, swelling and poisons. Besides, it can also treat stomachache, abdominal pain, acute dysentery, intestinal hemorrhoids, diarrhea and asthma.

Edible value of cactus

Cactus berries are sweet and sour. Cactus fruit is sweet, fresh, tender and juicy, which is mainly eaten fresh; Mexico and other places also use fresh fruit to process canned or alcoholic drinks, and can also add honey, fresh milk and ice to make juice, while ice cream has better flavor.

Feeding value of cactus

The fleshy stems of cactus contain a lot of comprehensive nutrients and trace elements, which are much higher than other crops. Therefore, in many arid areas of Mexico, cactus for forage is grown in large plots as the only feed source for livestock. Cactus and other feed with cattle, sheep, pigs and other livestock, can be fed all year round without additional water, feeding effect is very good.

Cultural value of cactus

Cactus is the weakest thing in the world. It is as delicate as water. It loses its life at a touch. God couldn't bear to put a suit of armor on her heart. It was as hard as iron, and there were steel thorns on it. From then on, no one can see the cactus heart any more, and all creatures close to her will be bloody. After a long time, a brave man wanted to eradicate this evil thing. When the sword came out, the cactus became two parts, but it was a green liquid. Originally, it was sealed cactus heart, because no one understands the loneliness, turned into tears. So the flower language of cactus is strong. Cactus symbolizes perseverance.

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