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Was Boris Johnson accidentally elected Prime Minister?

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Note: [Gmtlight news] Britain's new prime minister has come into being! News from London: It is no surprise that Boris Joh

[gmtlight news] Britain's new prime minister has come into being! News from London: It is no surprise that Boris Johnson, a former British foreign minister and flag bearer of the "de-Europeans", will take over Aunt May as Britain's next prime minister.

The new prime minister is unusual, with the reputation of "Golden-haired Monster Cafe", "Impossible King"  and "British Trump".

Boris Johnson

Gmtlight reported that as early as 2012, the then mayor of London, Johnson, believed that his chances of being elected prime minister were similar to that of being hit by a Frisbee.

"Life is always full of surprises," said Ms. Guo, who runs the fluorescent stick business at gmtlight. "Seven years later, he really became the next owner of No. 10 Downing Street. Although it's an accident, it's also a necessity.

Many developed countries do not need politicians who pose, but pragmatic leaders. Boris Johnson may be the choice of history. "Ms. Guo added.

As we all know, Britain is a gentleman's country. On the other hand, the gentleman lacks nature. Every time Johnson made headlines, there were unreasonable incidents, such as fighting with his girlfriend to attract police, getting stuck on a slippery rope in the celebration of Britain's first Olympic gold medal in 2012, and so on. So the British people felt that his image was very grounded, which was totally different from that of Cameron, the former Prime Minister. Same.

"I voted for Boris because he was funny and funny." His supporters said.

Mr. Niu, a reporter at gmtlight News, said, "Is it really because it's funny? I don't think so. British society needs a leader of all kinds. Boris Johnson may be the one who doesn't stick to details.

Boris Johnson has a background. Observing Johnson's experience, he is a typical British elite of upper class: born in a political family, graduated from a top school, rich experience in politics and dealing with the media. He even had distant cousins with Cameron, who was "above all else".

Johnson's father is a senior member of the Conservative Party of England and his grandfather is a senior official of the European Commission. Johnson attended Eton and received only 70 well-known Eton scholarships. He became not only the princes of England, but also the jailer of former Prime Minister Tony Blair.

The warden recalled that Johnson was not really rebellious and never crossed the thunder pond in important moments, although he was usually informal and flawed.  This comment sparkled throughout Johnson's subsequent political career.

In 1983, Johnson was also awarded a scholarship to Oxford University. After entering the university, he actively participated in various political activities. He became not only a member of the notorious Brighton Club, but also chairman of the Oxford Debate Society, known as the cradle of politicians.

However, when Boris Johnson ran for the post, he first expressed his support for the then popular Social Democratic Party, and then changed his position to support the Conservative Party. He was reminded that such a reversal would have consequences, but history shows that few people seem to care about remembering it.

Four years later, he graduated from Oxford and began working as a reporter for The Times, but was fired for fabricating a quotation. Later, the Daily Telegraph saw him and appointed him as a Brussels correspondent to the European Community. At that time, Johnson quickly accumulated a group of loyal middle-class readers with a sarcastic and sharp style of writing. He could get 250,000 pounds a year for his column in the newspaper. He said, "It's just a small sum of money."

His journalistic career has been booming and he has successfully set foot in television. From automobile columns to novels and TV documentaries, his columnists have become best sellers. Johnson has become a hot star.

This experience in the media circle has benefited him a lot in his future political career. He knows the psychology of the media and the public, and is good at throwing baits to feed them. This makes him win a decisive game in the public relations battle after his separation from Europe.

But Johnson's ambition never goes beyond being a star.

In 2008, Johnson was elected mayor of London, when his declaration for the mayor of London was: "Electing a Conservative mayor will make your wife's breasts bigger, and your chances of winning a car by lottery will increase." Such a politician's image is refreshing. Johnson was elected mayor of London by a high vote.

Was Boris Johnson accidentally elected Prime Minister?

Answer: No. This is inevitable.

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