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Risks and Advantages Related With CE certification

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Note: As for CE certification, some enterprises are easy to ignore, resulting in a series of risks. By consulting GMtlight sta

As for ce certification, some enterprises are easy to ignore, resulting in a series of risks. By consulting gmtlight staff and consulting information, we collate the risks and advantages Related With CE certification for reference.

Risks and Advantages Related With CE certification

CE certification simplifies trade procedures. CE certification provides a unified technical specification for products of all countries to trade in the European market. To enter the European Union and the European Free Trade Area, CE certification must be carried out for products of any country, and CE logo must be affixed to the products. Therefore, CE certification is the passport for products to enter the European Union and European Free Trade Area countries. CE Certification indicates that the product has met the safety requirements stipulated in the EU Directive; it is a commitment of enterprises to consumers, which increases consumers'trust in the product; and products with CE logo will reduce the risk of sales in the European market.

Mr. Wang, who has worked in GMTLIGHT for many years, said: "Since the trade procedures have been simplified, we should abide by and implement the CE certification policy and make good use of it to make the products unimpeded in the EU market."

The risks of CE certification are as follows:

Risks of being detained and investigated by the Customs;

Risks to be investigated and dealt with by market supervision agencies;

Risk of being accused by peers for competitive purposes.

The advantages of CE certification are as follows:

The EU's laws, regulations and coordination standards are not only numerous, but also very complex. Therefore, it is a wise move to obtain assistance from the designated EU institutions, which is time-saving, labor-saving and risk-reducing.

Obtaining CE certificates from designated EU agencies can maximize the trust of consumers and market supervisors.

Effective prevention of irresponsible accusations;

In the face of litigation, the CE certificate of the EU designated agency will become the technical evidence with legal effect.

once punished by the relevant certification in EU countries, certification agencies will share the risks with enterprises, thus reducing the risks of enterprises.

"CE certification is still to find SGS, TUV and other large enterprises to do, they are registered in Europe testing companies, so more convincing." Mr. Wang added.

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