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Wu Hanqing, the world's first hacker juvenile

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Note: Wu Hanqing, the world's first hacker juvenile.Wu Hanqing, an Internet legend, is rarely known. At the age of 15, he

Wu Hanqing, the world's first hacker juvenile.

Wu Hanqing,  an Internet legend, is rarely known. At the age of 15, he was admitted to Xi'an Jiaotong University, a famous professional school in internet in China. He is a gifted teenager, the industry named "the world's first hacker".

Wu Hanqing worked as a chief defense officer in Alipay. With these talents, mobile payment especially Alipay, is so safe and reliable.

When Wu Hanqing is 20, he went to Alibaba for an interview. In front of the interviewer, Wu Hanqing remotely shut down a router on Alibaba's intranet, which on the spot led to the paralysis of Alibaba's network, He is an absolute practitioner..

Ma Yun immediately hired Wu Hanqing with a high salary of 5 million yuan a year.

"Governments or the international community should thank Ma Yun for making a top hacker a good citizen. If the hacker is used by bad people, the consequences will be unimaginable. Of course, it's just a joke, "Mr. Niu, in gmtlight.

Now Wu Hanqing is in charge of Alibaba Yundun. Alibaba “Double 11” data security, big data Risk control and preventing hackers from entering have all contributed by Wu Hanqing's team. He is also known as Alibaba's "guardian god". They help Alibaba withstand 2 billion attacks a day

Wu Hanqing

photo from alibaba

Today, Wu Hanqing has been named "one of the world's most likely person to change the world" by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States.

Ma Yun once said that Alibaba is an Internet technology company, and it is these top technical talents that have become the core competitiveness of Alibaba. Nowadays, many traditional enterprises have been challenged by Internet companies. The reason is that they haven't mastered the Internet technology in time. And the gap will be wider and wider, many traditional enterprises and even large enterprises will be forced out.

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