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The Golan Heights are the focus of the Middle East

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Note: The Golan Heights are the focus of the Middle East. The Golan Heights are called water towers in the Middle East. The an

The golan heights are the focus of the Middle East. The Golan Heights are called "water towers" in the Middle East. The annual precipitation is about 500-800 millimetres. 40% of the water used in Israel comes from the Golan Heights.


The Golan Heights are 71 kilometres long in the north and south, 43 kilometres wide in the middle, covering an area of 1,800 square kilometres (of which 1,200 square kilometres are controlled by Israel, accounting for two thirds). Located in southwestern Syria, east of the Jordan Valley. East to the Lukard River, south to the Yarmuk River, north to the eastern slope of Hermon, its southwest is near the upper reaches of the Jordan River, Lake Taibale, which is rich in water resources. The highest elevation is 2814 meters above sea level in Heimen Mountain. The United Nations has established a buffer zone along the border since Israel occupied it during the Third Middle East War in 1967.


The southern part of the Golan Heights is a farming area, while the northern foot of the Sheikh Mountains is a pasture covered by trees and shrubs. There are about 15,000 inhabitants, mostly Druze Muslims, who refuse to join Israel and retain Syrian citizenship.

The Golan Heights, bordering Israel to the west, is a strategic location in the southwestern border of Syria. From the Golan Heights, you can overlook the Galilee Valley of Israel. Highland highway traffic network is dense, Quneitra is an important town, there are roads directly to the Syrian capital Damascus, only 60 kilometers away.

"I suggest that the Golan Heights be built into a free zone, which integrates culture, religion, tourism, entertainment, vacation and LEIsure, eliminating politics, weakening attribution, self-government and peace and tranquility." Mr. Niu, at gmtlight.

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