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Every one will eat something in Halloween Eve,Pumpkin?

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Note: Chinese people seldom pay attention to Halloween, and a little Halloween knowledge of Chinese people immediately associa

Chinese people seldom pay attention to Halloween, and a little Halloween knowledge of Chinese people immediately associates with pumpkins. In fact, Halloween is far more than pumpkins!

We say that Halloween Eve, the day before Halloween, October 31, is a traditional festival in the western world. The celebrations are usually in the evening. Mainly prevalent in the Saxon descendants of the United States, the British Islands, Australia, Canada and New Zealand and other Western countries.

That night, children will wear makeup clothes, masks, go door to door collecting candy and so on.

Traditionally, Europe considers Halloween the closest time in the spiritual world. This legend is similar to East Asia's Zhongyuan Festival and Yulan Festival. Anoka, Minnesota, is known as the "capital of Halloween in the world" and celebrates a large-scale cruise every year at this time.

LED flashing nose or bracelet or some decoration to be used in Halloween Eve, made by gmtlight

What do you usually eat on Halloween? Halloween has the following main foods:

Halloween Eve food:toffee apples

As Halloween is approaching the harvest of apples, toffee apples have become a holiday food. The method is to insert an apple into a bamboo stick, then hold the bamboo stick and turn the apple in the toffee syrup, sometimes sticking the nuts again. In the past, families prepared toffee apples for children, but when it was rumored that some people put pins and blades into apples, the habit of sending toffee apples gradually disappeared. Although most of the cases are just hoaxes and the real cases are minor injuries, many parents still think that it is very common to put razors in apples.

Halloween Eve food:pumpkin pie

Pumpkin pie is a Halloween holiday food, especially in the United States. Pumpkin pie is a traditional home snack from late autumn to early winter in the southern United States. It is usually eaten, especially around Halloween, and becomes a kind of food for the occasion. In addition, dried pumpkin seeds are often used as Halloween food.
Halloween Eve food:Hot apple Siddle
Children and teenagers will dress up as ghosts and ask for candy along the street on Halloween Night, so all kinds of candies are also a kind of food for the occasion. At this time, candies sold in stores are more popular in all kinds of ghost-shaped candies, and candies packaged in orange, brown or black, which are common on Halloween Night.
【gmtlight 供稿】

This drink is made by boiling cider with cinnamon, cloves and sugar. Alcohol is almost volatile when heated. This beverage is popular in winter in Europe and the United States. We drink hot red wine all the way from Christmas to spring. It is quite similar in practice, that is, to change cider into red wine.

Halloween Eve food:candy

In China, many people think that Halloween is ghost's day, which is basically correct. No matter what festivals, they should be celebrated happily. Maybe it's a reason for people to find entertainment for themselves.【written by gmtlight, Mr Hope Niu】








百度资料显示:由于万圣夜临近苹果的丰收期,太妃糖苹果(toffee apples)成为应节食品。制法是把苹果插上竹签,然后手持竹签把苹果放在太妃糖浆中转动,有时会再粘上果仁。从前,各家各户会准备太妃糖苹果送给小孩,但当传闻有人把大头针和刀片放入苹果中,送太妃糖苹果的习惯逐渐消失。虽然大部分个案只是恶作剧,而真实个案中小孩也只是受轻伤,但是不少家长仍然以为在苹果中放刀片是十分普遍的。 






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