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The discolored wooden house costs less than $1

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Note: How much does it cost to have a house that lights up? It's really expensive. I will tell you that It's less than

How much does it cost to have a house that lights up? It's really expensive. I will tell you that It's less than one dollar.

discolored wooden house

Speaking of Christmas decorations, everyone has some answers. For example, candles, Christmas trees, Christmas tree ornaments, Christmas stockings, wall decorations, balloons and so on, they all have their own decorative effects and functions.

discolored wooden house

Candles are the fastest magical objects to create a warm and pleasant atmosphere. Its own brightness and heat are always needed in festivals. Whether placed in any corner of the room: bedroom, dining table, living room, or windowsill, you can enjoy extraordinary peace and tranquility. The types of candles are complicated, and different candles have their own unique decorative ways. Traditional candles are more atmospheric, but fire prevention measures need to be done well. Electronic candles have the advantages of relative safety and smoke-free pollution.

discolored wooden house

Christmas tree is indispensable in festivals, and it is also the top priority of the atmosphere. Christmas trees are placed in many different places, such as the living room, the bedside, the dining table and the doorway. The size of the Christmas tree can be chosen according to its own needs.

The decoration of Christmas trees is an important topic. You can choose some lovely little ornaments, colorful balls, toys, stars, gifts and so on, and hang these small ornaments irregularly on the Christmas tree. Then the LED lights are wrapped around the Christmas tree from top to bottom. Over the years, there have been exquisite lanterns, wooden houses and so on.

discolored wooden house

The walls are decorated with hangings that are easy to remove and have no trace after removal. For example: three-dimensional foam wall paste with Christmas theme. Wall stickers should choose different patterns. While sticking wall stickers, some Christmas canes can be hung on the wall. If you want to be more three-dimensional, it is to hang lanterns with Christmas themes, delicate Santa Claus cabin, which must be illuminated by candles.

discolored wooden house

The wooden house with Christmas theme can be applied to indoor and outdoor, with safe seven-color LED electronic candles, making the wooden house more fairy tales and hallucinations, and increasing the festive atmosphere of Christmas.

Santa Claus will be happy to see the delicate wooden house.

discolored wooden house

discolored wooden house

Wooden house is assembled, electronic candle volume is not large, only 3 cm in diameter, packaging volume is very small, suitable for transportation. In addition, the assembly of wooden houses is also a very important Christmas activity, especially for the elderly or children, to increase the sense of achievement.

Someone asked, is this expensive? How much does it cost to have a house that lights up? It's really expensive. It's less than one dollar.Mr. Li, the designer of the house in gmtlight.










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