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Human beings are embracing a higher level of civilization

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Note: Where is our earth going? Will humans migrate to Mars after the energy problem is solved? Is Mars safe? What happen

Where is our earth going? Will humans migrate to Mars after the energy problem is solved? Is Mars safe? What happens to the solar system next? We will have a lot of questions to ask.

Since the big explosion of the singularity, the powerful energy in the universe has been transformed into stars, planets and other various celestial bodies, and these celestial bodies have gradually formed different galaxies. Stars like the sun are countless for the universe, while the earth is just a drop in the ocean for the universe, but the earth is a different planet, with 4.6 billion born on the earth Over the years, there have been countless lives. only human beings have finally evolved into intelligent life, and developed into the present scientific and technological civilization. The success of human beings is very spectacular.

Human beings have been born on the earth for 5 million years, and human civilization has only developed for 200000 years. Although in this 200000 years, human life has also undergone earth shaking changes. Human beings have not only learned advanced science and technology, but also successfully walked out of the earth to explore more distant universe. In the 1960s, Soviet astronomer Nikolai kalda Sheff divides the universe civilization into three levels. The first level is the primary civilization. This civilization can control the resources on the whole planet and control the climate, which also means that they can obtain the total energy on the planet and the surrounding satellites!

The second civilization refers to the one that has been able to control the energy of the sun, can actively mine and use the resources of the sun, while the third and the last advanced civilization are more powerful, that is to say, to control all the energy of a galaxy. However, if the earth is classified according to the level, it is currently around 0.73, which has not reached the level of the universe Civilization, after entering the first level civilization, human beings can realize many previous wishes. Most people think that if we want to realize these three civilizations, we need a long way to go. However, from the current development speed of human science and technology, human beings may be able to achieve higher civilization in a short time.

At present, nuclear fusion is the largest energy source for human beings, but human beings are not able to control this energy well. In nature, the energy produced by a hurricane is equivalent to the energy produced by hundreds of hydrogen bombs. So it may take only a few hundred years to control the climate. It will take more than ten years for China to land on Mars. After that, humans can colonize the solar system in about forty or fifty years!

Therefore, human beings want to stride over to the third level of civilization. According to the current development speed of human beings, it is just around the corner.

"Even if the world will be destroyed tomorrow, I will plant the grape trees today. That's roughly what it means, a famous German saying. This is also our attitude towards life. Don't worry about the future, do a good job in the present, and make the day more exciting. It's like gmtlight doesn't create a lot of wealth, but it creates happiness for hundreds of millions of people. This is also intangible wealth! " Gmtlight, Mr. Niu.

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