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What Kinds Of Plastics are there? What Is White Pollution?

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Note: What kinds of plastics are there?Plastic raw material is defined as a kind of synthetic or natural polymer, which can be

What kinds of plastics are there?

Plastic raw material is defined as a kind of synthetic or natural polymer, which can be kneaded into various shapes at will and can keep the shape unchanged.

kinds of plastics

PE, polyethylene, low-temperature goods, polypropylene

PP, polypropylene, 100 fold rubber, plastic, microwave lunch box, can be used at about 100 ℃

High density polyphylene, HDPE, hard soft glue, used for cleaning products and bath products

Low density polyethylene, LDPE, low density polyethylene, used for preservative film, plastic film, etc

Linear Low Density Polyethylene,LLDPE,Polyvinyl Chloride

PVC, PVC, enamel, rarely used in food packaging.

General purpose polystyrene, GPPS, hard glue

Expandable polystyrene, EPS, for styrofoam

High impact polystyrene, hips, for impact resistant adhesives

Styrene acrylonitrile polymers, as, San, for transparent adhesive

Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene copolymers, ABS, for ultra non breaking rubber

Polymethyl methacrylat, PMMA, acrylic, plexiglass

Ethylene vinyl acetatecopolymers, EVA, rubber

Polyphylene terephthalate, pet, for mineral water bottle, carbonated beverage bottle

Polybutylene Terephthalate,PBT,

Polyamide (nylon 6.66), PA, nylon

Polycarbonates, PC, bulletproof glue, for making water bottles, water cups and milk bottles.

Polyacetal, POM, for saigang, seigang


Polyphenylene sulfide, PPS

Polyurethanes, PU, polyurethane

Polystyrene, PS, bowl of instant noodles, snack box

"The degradability of plastics is poor, and many industries are reducing the use of plastics. But plastic is an important organic synthetic polymer material, which is widely used. With the "white pollution" caused by waste plastics becoming more and more serious, it is necessary for us to understand the composition and classification of plastics in detail, which can not only help us to use plastic products scientifically, but also help us to classify and recycle plastics, and effectively control and reduce the "white pollution". The plastics used by gmtlight are mainly ABS \ pet \ PS, all of which are recyclable plastics. " Gmtlight, technology department, Mr. Niu said, "in order to protect our planet and reduce pollution, we try to reduce the use of disposable non recyclable plastics. We are also studying the use of eco degradable plastics as raw materials for production. "

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