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LED Luminous Arm Band is particularly eye-catching in Night Marathon

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Note: On November 9, in the late autumn, the weather in Beijing is still pleasant. A night Marathon Friendship Race is held in

On November 9, in the late autumn, the weather in Beijing is still pleasant. A night Marathon Friendship Race is held in the southern suburbs of Beijing. This is a seasonal event. All participants are daily runners. The theme is farewell to the golden autumn and welcome the winter. On the field, the LED light-emitting armband is particularly eye-catching, which is a beautiful scenery in street. 

luminous arm band

We open the gmtlight product file and describe this product as follows:

Product Name: LED light with reflective arm

Size: arm length: 32cm, width: 2.5cm

Material: nylon webbing + reflective material + light guide material + matching led Electronics

luminous arm band

Specification: 28cm

Luminous color: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, pink, white

Flashing mode: long, fast and slow flashing (controlled by switch)

Package: one OPP bag

Logo: logo can be printed on the ribbon

luminous arm band

luminous arm band

luminous arm band

Battery: 2pcs CR2032 button battery drive, can be used for about 50 hours, the battery can be replaced by itself, available in convenience stores or supermarkets.

Note: the arm belt can also be designed as a charging type, with a lir2032 rechargeable battery inside, which can take about 3 hours to fully charge.

LED luminous arm belt has passed CE, ROHS, EN471 splash proof test,

The LED light-emitting arm can be cleaned and the electronic part can be removed.

This led luminous arm band is suitable for outdoor sports, night running, large festival party, concert, promotion, cheering, employee welfare, large-scale activities of the company, etc.

luminous arm band

luminous arm band

"A traditional marathon race, coupled with a small LED light-emitting arm band, makes the whole race less monotonous, adding vitality and power. People wearing LED light-emitting arm band have a sense of existence and security. Different colors of LED arm band can distinguish different teams and show team spirit." Mr. Niu, gmtlight. "We have been trying to create more luminous products to illuminate the darkness, make users more attractive and make onlookers happy."


产品名称:LED 灯带反光发光臂带

尺寸:臂带长度:32CM   宽度2.5CM

材质 : 尼龙织带+反光材料+导光材料+配搭LED电子

规格 : 28CM

发光颜色 : 红、橙、黄、绿、蓝、粉、白




电池: 2PCS CR2032 纽扣电池驱动,可用50个小时左右,电池可以自行更换,便利店或者超市有售。


LED发光臂带已经通过CE ,ROHS,EN471防溅水测试,



“一场传统的马拉松比赛,加上一个小小的LED发光臂带,让整个比赛不再那么单调,增添活力和动力,佩戴LED发光臂带的人都有一种存在感和安全感,不同颜色的LED臂带可以区分不同的团队,也彰显团队精神。” 牛先生,gmtlight。“我们一直在努力打造更多的发光产品,照亮黑暗,让使用者更加引人注目,让围观者愉悦。”

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