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Do you know how to drink tea?

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Note: Do you know how to drink tea?Do you know the taste of tea?People who drink tea for the first time often say that tea is

Do you know how to drink tea?

drink tea

Do you know the taste of tea?

People who drink tea for the first time often say that tea is bitter, but they will feel that this kind of bitterness is different from the general bitterness. The light bitterness lingers on the tip of their tongue, as if it is air. It is clear that it exists. What can be felt is quietly infiltrated into their own body and mind. It is impossible to hold it, as if the bitterness just tasted is just a delusion.

drink tea

Philosophy of life in tea ceremony

Doing things in the society is just like the tea at the beginning. Because of the lack of experience and social practice, many things are not understood, many professional knowledge are not understood, so I run into many obstacles and experience many failures. The interpersonal relationship starts from scratch. Everything is like walking in the dark, stumbling under my feet, even pulling with thorns, and blocking with traps. All these will make me There is a slight pain in our hearts.

"Tea flavor" is intriguing, so is life

Everyone has to go through such a stage, just as drinking tea requires bitterness before sweetness. In society, only through more experiences can we taste the real taste. Social experience can be experienced more growth, tea when eating "bitter" can experience the real fragrance. Pain is always temporary, no matter what the society experiences, when looking back, it will feel that the pain is gentle like willow, pure and light, only the fragrance surging from the heart will last forever.

drink tea

When drinking tea, you should learn to taste.

Drink tea to taste, to be calm, a mirror reflects the past, but will not stir up a ripple, quiet wisdom, all experience into spiritual wealth, the heart has income, like understanding, like drinking tea when used to bitter, slowly taste sweet taste.

Tea in Chinese characters: Person between grass and tree.

In history, famous people who can get their way from tea have experienced too many ups and downs of life. They have tasted not once and twice, so they have seen and learned much more. They taste the real taste of tea, the sweet in the bitter and the comfort in the sweet.

Take a big sip of tea, it's just a simple drink of water, no taste. Learning to drink tea is like learning to live.

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