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The best time to drink tea for a day

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Note: The philosopher said: drinking tea is not water, but a kind of life. After a long time, you can see your life clearly an

The philosopher said: drinking tea is not like drinking water simply, but a kind of life. After a long time, you can see your life clearly and taste the ups and downs of life.

best time to drink tea for a day

To drink tea, you need to understand it carefully, such as a good friend. only when you know the ups and downs of his experience, can you understand his uniqueness and get along with him better.

best time to drink tea for a day

Drinking tea is good for your health, especially those who insist on drinking tea all the time, but many people don't know how to drink it, so the effect is not obvious.

There are four seasons in a year. There are twelve hours in a day. Twelve hours correspond to different times. Naturally, they also correspond to different teas.

Like those ups and downs in life, the difference is that most of the time in life is busy, but there is little time to calm down and taste the time in tea.

No matter what kind of tea you like, you need to treat it with your heart and feel it.

It's like a person who is destined for you. You don't care whether he is rich or poor. You care is what attracts you to him.

best time to drink tea for a day

The key to health preservation with tea is to master when to drink and when not to drink. You must drink the right tea in the right time, just like meeting the right person in the right time, so that you can live forever.

Tea in the morning

One year's plan lies in spring, and one day's plan lies in the morning. After a night's rest, the body discharges a large number of wastes, the body is emptied, a large amount of water is consumed, and the blood concentration is increased.

Drinking a cup of light tea in the morning can quickly supplement the water lost in the body and clear the stomach.

Drinking a cup of light tea can also dilute the blood, reduce blood pressure, treat and prevent constipation, which is of great benefit to the body.

best time to drink tea for a day

You can't drink strong tea in the morning. The tea you drink in the morning must be lighter than usual.

What tea do you have in the morning?

It's better to drink black tea in the morning, because black tea can dispel the cold in the body, promote the blood circulation of the body, and make the blood supply of the brain sufficient.

After breakfast, you can drink a cup of light black tea. You can also add milk to the black tea, which will be better.

When drinking tea in the morning, remember not to drink tea on an empty stomach, because the tea contains caffeine, which will be absorbed by the stomach, resulting in frequent urination, panic and other symptoms.

So tea must be drunk after breakfast.

Tea in the afternoon

Eat well in the morning, and be full at noon. Be sure to eat well for lunch, because you have to work in the afternoon. It's the same with tea. Tea at noon is the most important thing in the day, commonly known as "afternoon tea".

Drinking afternoon tea can enhance the body's immunity, regulate the body's function, and prevent colds.

For people with "high blood pressure, high blood sugar and high blood fat", it's better to insist on drinking afternoon tea than taking medicine. After all, it's the third poison of medicine!

What tea do you have in the afternoon?

It is better to drink green tea or green tea in the afternoon. After half a day's work, the body is full of anger. At this time, drinking a cup of green tea or green tea has a good effect.

Because green tea, like Tieguanyin, is dry and cool. It can clear the heat of the liver and the toxins in the liver.

In addition, tea is rich in vitamin E, which can resist aging.

Green tea into the kidney, can benefit water swelling, conducive to urination, green tea is rich in tea polyphenols, can be anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

Tea at night

Because tea contains caffeine, some people are afraid that drinking tea at night will affect sleep. In fact, this is a misunderstanding.

At night, the immune system of the human body is very active. Drinking a cup of tea at this time can speed up the reconstruction of cells, and make the immune system recover quickly.

Tea at night must not drink green tea, green tea is not fermented tea, can stimulate the human body.

At this time, you can drink black tea or Shupu, the best choice is Shupu, because Shupu is warm and pure, which is very helpful for human sleep.

Drinking a cup of black tea after supper can help digestion, warm the stomach and break down accumulated fat.

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