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Mobile Waterproof Bag, Your Bodyguard

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Note: This article will recommend a simple and applicable bag for you. Look simple, but it's not.In the information societ

This article will recommend a simple and applicable bag for you. Look simple, but it's not.

Mobile Waterproof Bag

In the information society, mobile phones seem to need 24 hours to be with you. Because mobile phones dont like water, many people are always helpless when swimming. If not with mobile phones together, not reliable;If with mobile phones than afraid of water stains. It's the same to rainy days.  From this situation, A small mobile phone waterproof bag will greatly facilitate us.

Mobile Waterproof Bag

Let's look through the personal files of mobile waterproof bags.

Birth place: gmtlight

Name: Mobile Waterproof Bag

Scene: Swimming or Rainy Day

Size: 11*27cm; 5.5 inch mobile phone

Colour: Colour can be customized and printed logo

Weight reference: 1000 32 kg

Material: 20 filaments PVC

Scope of Application: Advertising and Promoting Gifts, Gifts, Jewelry, etc.

Mobile Waterproof Bag

For businessmen, this is a good promotional product, because of applicability, the price is as low as 20 cents. Users can use it for a long time, as a promotional product, they will receive better advertising effect.

With mobile phone waterproof bag, we have equality and guardianship. Whether it's beautiful girl or handsome gyuy, to use a mobile waterproof bag, it's like a bodyguard next to you.

Mobile Waterproof Bag

Mobile Waterproof Bag

Mobile Waterproof Bag







尺寸:11*27cm;    可放5.5英寸手机

颜色:彩色 可定制和印刷logo  






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