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What are the application fields of LED?

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Note: What are the application fields of LED?The luminous efficiency of LED is higher than that of incandescent lamp, the light intensity reaches the candlelight level, and the color covers the whole visibl

What are the application fields of LED?

The luminous efficiency of LED is higher than that of incandescent lamp, the light intensity reaches the candlelight level, and the color covers the whole visible spectrum range from red to blue. These characteristics lead to more extensive applications, such as car signal lights, traffic lights, outdoor full-color large display screen and special lighting sources.

With the development of high brightness and polychromatic led, the application field is also expanding. From low luminous flux indicator to display screen, from outdoor display to medium luminous flux power signal lamp and special lighting white light source, to high luminous flux general lighting source.

LED display

LED displays have been widely used in stadiums, squares, venues and even streets and shopping malls. The NASDAQ full-color screen in Times Square is the most famous. The screen area is 120 feet × 90 feet, equivalent to 1005 meters. It is made of 19 million ultra bright blue, green and red LEDs. In addition, in the securities market screen, bank exchange rate screen, interest rate screen and other aspects of the application also accounted for a large proportion, there are highway, elevated road information screen.

Traffic light

LED lights have been widely used in AIDS to navigation and traffic lights. From the use effect, the effect of long service life, power saving and maintenance free is obvious. At present, the peak wavelength of LED is 630nm in red, 590nm in yellow and 505nm in green. It should be noted that the driving current should not be too large, otherwise the high temperature in the sun in summer will affect the life of LED.

The pilot lights, projection lights and omni-directional lights of the airport have good reliability, power saving, maintenance free and replacement of the old signal lights which have been used for decades. They are not only of high brightness, but also very bright because of the high purity of LED light color, so they are easier to identify signals.

Automobile lamp

Ultra bright LED is used in brake light, tail light and direction light, instrument lighting and interior lighting. It has obvious advantages over incandescent lamp in vibration resistance, power saving and long life. As a brake light, its response time is 60ns, much shorter than 140ms of incandescent lamp. Driving on a typical highway, it will increase the safety distance of 4-6m.

LCD backlight

As the backlight of LCD, LED can be used not only as green, red, blue, white, but also as color changing backlight. The LCD screen on mobile phone uses led to make backlight, which improves the product grade and has good effect. The backlight of 15 inch LCD made of 8 blue, 24 green and 32 red Luxeon LEDs can reach 120W, 2500 LM, and 18000nits brightness. It not only has good color mixing effect, but also has a color rendering index of more than 80.


The colorful lights of the city. Due to the improvement of LED brightness and the decrease of its price, as well as its long service life and power saving, it is easier to drive and control than the neon lamp. It can not only flash but also change color. Therefore, the monochromatic, polychromatic and even color changing light-emitting columns made of ultra-high brightness LED are matched with various light-emitting units of other shapes to decorate landscape projects such as tall buildings, bridges, streets and squares, It presents a colorful, starry and streamer scene.

Lighting source

The LED light source of lighting source is white light. As LED light source has no infrared radiation, it is easy to be hidden. In addition, it also has the advantages of vibration resistance, suitable for battery power supply, solid structure and easy to carry. It will have great development in special lighting source. It can be used as lawn lamp, underground lamp, microscope field lighting, flashlight, surgeon's head lamp, museum, billboard or art exhibition lighting, and reading table lamp.

Light supplement in Greenhouse

Light is one of the most important environmental factors for plant growth and development. It regulates plant growth and development, morphogenesis, photosynthesis, material metabolism and gene expression. Therefore, light supplement in greenhouse is an important way to achieve high quality and high yield of plants. In recent years, LED has been widely used in plant factory. The advantages of LED light source, such as narrow wave width, low energy consumption, small volume, high efficiency, aging resistance and low heat consumption, makes it a new light source in greenhouse.


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