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Which industries will make money in China in 2021?

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Note: Which industries will make money in China in 2021?China is a huge consumer market. To understand the Chinese market, wealth and business opportunities are hidden. We have sorted out which industries i

Which industries will make money in China in 2021?

China is a huge consumer market. To understand the Chinese market, wealth and business opportunities are hidden. We have sorted out which industries in the Chinese market will make money in 2021. I hope it will help you.

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Modern service industry, the industry making money in Chinese market in 2021

For entrepreneurs, they should not always consider what products they sell, but what services they can provide. The most secure field of entrepreneurship should be modern service industry. Because the traditional manufacturing industry is currently in overcapacity; the traditional product sales market based on the Internet platform is highly competitive; China's service industry gap is relatively large, and modern service industry also needs entrepreneurs to innovate.

The service industry mainly includes tourism, housekeeping, human resources, catering, accommodation, express, point-to-point service. The modern service industry covers a wide range and has a bright future. It is also a field of light asset entrepreneurship, which is worthy of attention and exploration by entrepreneurs.

selling goods to china market

China's pension industry in 2021

China's elderly population is growing rapidly, and the income of the elderly is stable, which provides a huge potential elderly consumer market. With the population with the peak of birth in the 1950s and 1960s entering the old age, China's population aging is speeding up.

In the new era, the government has vigorously designed and improved the top-level pension policy for the development of China's pension industry. Therefore, China's pension industry has encountered a rare development opportunity. For entrepreneurs, they can seek development in the pension industry in 2021.

Ecological agriculture + science and technology agriculture + seed industry

Rural Revitalization is one of the themes of China in 2021, and agriculture is the foundation of Rural Revitalization.

The prospect of agricultural development will be very broad, the space is large, there are a lot of resources to be developed in rural areas, rich in natural resources. The state will continue to implement various preferential policies to help China's agriculture achieve further development.

More and more city people love LEIsure ecological agriculture, so that they can relax through leisure agriculture, which is undoubtedly conducive to the development of leisure ecological agriculture, its potential will be further explored. Therefore, it will be a wise choice for entrepreneurs to pay attention to the field of ecological agriculture in 2021, especially those with rural background.

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China's profitable industries in 2021 - New Media

Short video and other new media belong to the most popular industry, and the entry threshold is relatively low. The development of new media is mainly the development of social networks. Mobile Internet has activated most of the sleeping users in the society. With the arrival of 5g era, the online time of users will lengthen, and the prospect of new media is optimistic. But entrepreneurs should pay attention not to blindly follow suit, not everyone is suitable for this field.

New media has more advantages than traditional media. It spreads faster, more direct, feedback and two-way communication. At the same time, it is also the best marketing position for enterprises and personal brands. Therefore, for entrepreneurs, the new media field is also worth exploring.

Training industry, the most profitable industry in China in 2021

Children, school students, social youth and the elderly are all consumers of the training industry. Examination training, skill training, specialty training classes, vocational training classes and so on. The demand for training in a growing society is always rigid, and the training industry has a broad space for development. For entrepreneurs, this is also full of imagination.

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Smart home, the industry making money in Chinese market in 2021

The initial development is mainly based on lighting remote control, electrical remote control and electric curtain control. With the development of the industry, there are more and more intelligent control functions, the control objects are expanding, and the linkage scene of control is more demanding. It continues to extend to home security alarm, background music, visual intercom, access control fingerprint control and other fields. It can be said that the smart home can almost be used In order to cover all the traditional weak current industry, the market development prospect is good.

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