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Baidu: Artificial Intelligence is entering the stage of industrialization

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Note: Baidu: Artificial Intelligence is entering the stage of industrializationArtificial intelligence is entering the stage o

Baidu: Artificial Intelligence is entering the stage of industrialization

Artificial intelligence is entering the stage of industrialization. Artificial intelligence is really coming.

Aiming at AI industrialization, Baidu put forward AI industrialization intelligent formula: AI industrialization = (intelligent computing * intelligent application) ^ intelligent ecology. That is to say, industrial intelligence needs the cross-promotion of Intelligent Computing and intelligent application, and the industrialization of artificial intelligence can be realized through intelligent ecology.

At the same time, Baidu Intelligent Cloud also released a self-developed Baidu Kunlun cloud server, launched 18 new intelligent computing products and the industry's first complete artificial intelligence ecological alliance, Baidu Industrial Intelligent Alliance.

According to Baidu, Baidu Kunlun Cloud Server is the first full-functional AI chip in China, Kunlun, which is independently developed by Baidu. Its computing power is nearly 30 times higher than that of the latest AI accelerator based on FPGA. In the storage field, it stores 1GB data on the newly released "archive storage" for only one month. In the field of security, the "Host Security Enterprise Edition" has hybrid cloud security protection to achieve more intelligent real-time protection against malicious code. In the field of video clipping, "4K video processing scheme" is the first solution in the industry to support 4K video transcoding of HDR (high dynamic range image), and the video bit rate is compressed to more than 60%. Case.

"gmtlight's product and production processes are still at an elementary level and seem to have little to do with AI. In fact, that's not the case. Artificial intelligence will affect all aspects of our lives, including production. Many effects are beyond our imagination. gmtlight should be ready and face AI",said Mr. Wang, who is in charge of production in gmtlight.

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