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Artificial sun and Chinese wisdom

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Note: Artificial sun and Chinese wisdomThere is a song in China: the East is red, the sun rises, which reflects the Chinese people's worship and respect for the sun. Solar energy brings light and heat b

Artificial sun and Chinese wisdom

There is a song in China: "the East is red, the sun rises", which reflects the Chinese people's worship and respect for the sun. Solar energy brings light and heat because there is always thermonuclear fusion reaction inside it. If human beings can control this reaction, it means that generations will have unlimited and clean energy. Therefore, since the 1950s, China has been committed to building an "artificial sun".

At 14:02 on December 4, a new generation of "artificial sun" device, named HL-2M, was completed in Chengdu and discharged for the first time. This indicates that China has independently mastered the design, construction and operation technology of large-scale advanced Tokamak device, laying a solid foundation for the independent design and construction of China's nuclear fusion reactor.

After years of development, China has built a number of large-scale scientific devices, such as China's circumfluence No. 1, No. 2, and "Oriental super ring", which have mastered some key technologies of "artificial sun" and accumulated a large number of research results.

The China circumfluence 2 m facility is the largest and the highest parameter advanced Tokamak device in China. It is a new generation of advanced magnetic confinement fusion experimental research device. Compared with the previous generation, the device adopts a more advanced structure and control mode. The plasma volume is more than twice that of the existing devices in China. The plasma current capacity is increased to more than 2.5 megaamps. The plasma ion temperature can reach 150 million degrees, which is nearly 10 times of the solar core temperature. It can realize high density, high specific voltage and high bootstrap current operation.

The international thermonuclear fusion reactor (ITER) project is one of the largest and most far-reaching international scientific research cooperation projects in the world. It takes about 10 years to build and costs 5-10 billion US dollars. ITER is a superconducting tokamak that can produce large-scale nuclear fusion reaction, commonly known as "artificial sun". In January 2003, China approved China to participate in the ITER program negotiations and initialed the ITER plan agreement with the EU, India, Japan, South Korea, Russia and the United States. These seven parties include the world's major nuclear powers and major Asian countries, covering nearly half of the world's population. China's participation in ITER is based on its long-term basic energy needs. On July 28, 2020, the international thermonuclear fusion experimental reactor (ITER) project major project installation and launching ceremony was held at the headquarters of ITER in France.

With the artificial sun, effectively resolving the earth's energy crisis is a historic guarantee for energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection. Chinese scientists work with the world to speed up the implementation of the artificial sun.

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