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Can luminous mask effectively prevent new coronavirus?

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Note: Can luminous mask effectively prevent new coronavirus?Recently, the supply of masks in the Chinese market has been tight. People often call gmtlight to buy luminous masks. After asking the reason, the

Can luminous mask effectively prevent new coronavirus?

Recently, the supply of masks in the Chinese market has been tight. People often call gmtlight to buy luminous masks. After asking the reason, they know that they want to do against the new coronavirus.

I'm responsible for the production arrangement of luminous masks. I'd like to introduce the composition of luminous masks.

The luminous mask is composed of optical fiber and textile.

The product is made of optical fiber cloth material. In addition to two ear hooks, there is a strap to help fix the mask more firmly.

The light switch is controlled by the control button on the product.

Better elasticity, the ear hook can be stretched at will.

Adjustable strap to prevent mask from falling due to strenuous exercise.

Seven color LED color, 11 kinds of light mode make the effect of change more abundant.

The product comes with dust-proof storage bag and USB charging cable, which makes the mask more convenient to carry.

Purpose: in addition to being a common dust mask, this product can provide you with gorgeous color changes in dark environment. It can be used for safety warning, it also can be used for rave parties with friends and other funny occasions in the dark.


That is to say, the luminous mask can't prevent the new crown virus. It's just an ornament, which is used for party and night entertainment activities, and can't replace the professional mask.

There are many requirements for professional masks:

Mr. Liu, a protection expert, said that for the filter material of a good protective mask, the following three conditions should be met: first, the filter efficiency is high when the mask and the user's face are well closed; second, the respiratory resistance is small; third, the user feels comfortable. There are many kinds of filter materials for dustproof masks, including ordinary fabrics, animal hair, non-woven fabrics, etc. A kind of activated carbon felt material is very popular in the national standard.

The structure of gauze mask and the tightness of human face are very poor. Many tiny particles that do great harm to us will enter the respiratory tract and the lungs through the gap between the mask and the face. Its filter material is generally some mechanical fabrics. If this filter material wants to achieve high dust resistance efficiency, the only way is to increase the thickness, and the negative effect of increasing the thickness is to It is to make the user feel a lot of respiratory resistance and uncomfortable. The electrostatically treated non-woven fabric can not only block the large dust particles, but also the static charge attached to the surface of the non-woven fabric can absorb the small dust through the electrostatic attraction, so as to achieve a high dust resistance efficiency. But the thickness of the filter material is very thin, which greatly reduces the user's respiratory resistance and feels comfortable, so as to achieve the three necessary conditions of good filter material mentioned above. With a good filter material and a scientifically designed mask structure, an efficient and high-quality mask is formed.

The mask must be the right size and wear in the right way for it to work. Masks on the market are generally divided into rectangular and cup-shaped. The rectangular mask must have at least three layers of paper structure to have a protective effect. The user should press the wire on the nose bridge of the mask, and then spread the whole mask along the nose bridge, so as to play the role. Let the child wear a rectangular surgical mask, because it has no fixed shape, if well tied, it can close to the child's face. Cup masks should be made sure that the density is enough after the mask is attached to the face, so that the exhaled air will not leak out. When wearing the cup-shaped mask, you can try to blow with your hands covered by the mask to check whether there is air leakage from the edge of the mask. If the mask is not tightly covered, you need to readjust the position before wearing it.

Therefore, I suggest that we should go to a special store to buy formal protective masks or medical masks. The new coronavirus seriously affects people's health. If you want to go to places where people gather, you must wear a mask.

From gmtlight production department

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