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The origin of Chinese Mahjong is related to "granary"

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Note: Many Chinese like to play mahjong, especially on holidays. Playing mahjong is one of their entertainment.The origin of Chinese Mahjong is related to granaryCake of MahjongMahjong, originated in China,

Many Chinese like to play mahjong, especially on holidays. Playing mahjong is one of their entertainment.

The origin of Chinese Mahjong is related to "granary"

chinese mahjong

Cake of Mahjong

Mahjong, originated in China, is a four person dominoes game. It is popular in the Chinese cultural circle. It is a game and entertainment equipment invented by ancient Chinese. It is usually a small long square made of bamboo, bone or plastic, with patterns or words engraved on it. A complete set of mahjong has 120 cards.

There is a kind of mahjong card called "cake", it is actually the top view of the ancient granary, is an abstract screenshot. When storing grain, people use mats to form a barrel shaped column space, in which grain is stored. In order to prevent rain leakage, the top is a straw mat, which is formed by concentric circles. Therefore, from the top of the granary, we can see that the abstract thing is a "cake", two granaries are two "cakes", and so on to "nine cakes".

There is also a kind of "tiaozi" in mahjong, which is also an abstract picture. Careful people will find that there is no "one" in mahjong, and "one" is replaced by "bird". Why is the shape of the bar textured? In fact, the pattern prototype of "Tiao" is also a barn, but different from the top view of "pie", the "Tiao" is a side view of the barn. That is to say, we stand and look at a barn. From an abstract point of view, it is a cylinder, and then we plane the cylinder, which is a rectangle with texture. And those textures are the patterns formed by binding and ligating the mat layer by layer with ropes.

Why does “Bird” replace "one"?

chinese mahjong

Bird appears in mahjong, it's strange to replace "one Tiao", of course, the reason is that godown keeper hates the sparrow. In ancient times, there was a habit of armament. As the most important strategic material, there were strict regulations on the care of grain, and there were strict limits on the loss of grain storage. once the loss exceeded the regulations, it would lose its head. However, both old and wet grain have to be dried, and there are too many sparrows in the barns. They not only come to "grab grain", but also build their own nests in the barns to raise the next generation. A lot of grain has disappeared, and "has become" groups of sparrows, causing great trouble to the warehouse management. Instead of a sparrow, to remind themselves, to prevent sparrows.

Mahjong today is a tool for entertainment or gambling, but it has a long history and contains profound Chinese culture.

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