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National intangible cultural heritage of China - northern folk dance Yangko

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Note: National intangible cultural heritage of China - northern folk dance YangkoNorthern folk dance Yangko is a national intangible cultural heritage. In Beijing park, you can see Yangko performance team a

National intangible cultural heritage of China - northern folk dance Yangko

Northern folk dance Yangko is a national intangible cultural heritage. In Beijing park, you can see Yangko performance team at any time, attracting passers-by to stop and watch.

Yangko is one of the most representative folk dances in northern China. It has strong performance and self entertainment, and is deeply loved by the people. Because of different regions, Yangko has different forms of expression.

Changlidi Yangko is a unique form of Yangko, which embodies farmers' life interest and distinctive dance style. It reflects some characteristics of agricultural society and rural life and farmers' optimistic and humorous spirit. However, due to the rapid development of social economy and the aging of artists, the inheritance of Yangko in Changli is facing a severe situation, which needs to be rescued and protected.

GuZi Yangko has a large number of dancers with strict organization, complete form, strong dancing skills and magnificent momentum. It contains profound historical and cultural connotation, rich in strong flavor of the times and distinctive local characteristics. After the founding of the people's Republic of China, GuZi Yangko has participated in many national folk art competitions and won many awards. GuZi Yangko enriches the cultural life of the masses, inherits the excellent culture of the Chinese nation, and has high aesthetic value and research value.

Jiaozhou Yangko originated in the countryside, is active in the folk, and changes itself in the process of development. It is a square folk art in which the masses participate spontaneously, vent freely and entertain themselves. It shows the unique body-building and emotional charm of rural women in Jiaodong, and has high aesthetic value and artistic research value.

Haiyang Yangko is the embodiment of Haiyang people's collective wisdom and creative spirit. In reality, Haiyang Yangko vividly shows the spiritual outlook and personality characteristics of Haiyang rural people. It is an important part of local culture, with aesthetic value and historical value. It plays an important role in enriching the cultural life of the masses and building a harmonious society. Haiyang big Yangge has been listed as one of the teaching materials of Han nationality dance

Yangko in Northern Shaanxi shows the simple, honest and optimistic character of the masses in Northern Shaanxi, and has outstanding historical and cultural value. It is an important element in celebrating the harvest and victory.

Fushun local Yangko has been popular for a long time. Due to the change of environment and the decrease of the number of old artists, it is difficult to carry out the regular activities of Fushun local Yangko, and the movements and movements of the performances have been gradually simplified and are on the verge of extinction. Some non-governmental organizations are vigorously supporting and inheriting them.

Yangko has a great influence on Chinese society

On major festivals, such as the new year, teams are organized in urban and rural areas to say hello to each other, wish each other happiness and entertainment. In addition, different villages will dance Yangko, visit each other, compare songs and dance. Yangko is a popular folk dance of Han nationality in rural China. In the use of color, it reflects the distinct national style. When doing yangko dance, people wear clothes with strong color contrast, including red, blue, yellow and green. In the accompaniment of gongs and drums, we sing and dance to express our happy mood and hope for a better life.

gmtlight customized costumes and props for users, and also provided social support for the construction of Yangko team.

The new coronavirus epidemic has also depressed many people's spirits. Many Beijingers dance Yangko in the park to enliven the atmosphere and celebrate the unity of the Chinese people to overcome the epidemic.

Gmtlight arrangement

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