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What are the important festivals in Canada?

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Note: What are the important festivals in Canada?Canada Day (National Day) July 1St. Patrick's Day March 17Tulip Festival is held on May 9 every yearQueen Victoria's Day (the Queen's birthday) e

What are the important festivals in Canada?

festivals in canada

Canada Day (National Day) July 1

St. Patrick's Day March 17

Tulip Festival is held on May 9 every year

Queen Victoria's Day (the Queen's birthday) every Monday before May 25

Quebec day is on June 24 every year

Thanksgiving Day is the second Monday in October every year

Canadian Remembrance Day is on November 11 every year

Christmas Day is December 25 every year

important festivals:

Banff Summer Arts Festival

Opera, symphony, ballet and drama performances are held every year in Banff Art Center, which is one of the biggest art activities in North America.

Luis Rael will perform in ligena, the capital of sarchivan. The play is based on the real records in the court and is about what happens in the government house every summer.

Folklorama in Winnipeg for a week in August each year, more than 40 ethnic groups of different cultures display their cultural characteristics with local dances, songs, exhibitions and food.

Stratford Festival

Stratford, Ontario, hosts a grand Stratford Festival every year. The most important dramatic event is the Shakespeare plays, which are shown in three theaters from May to October every year for six months. The works include drama and music creation of the classical period and the contemporary.

Guelph Spring Festival

A cultural feast in Ontario. It has gathered classical music, recitation, concert, dance and art exhibition, attracting many of the world's top performers to visit every May.


Toronto, Ontario. The 10 day Caribbean karibbean carnival, which starts in midsummer, calls for fun activities such as a cruise under the moon, a masquerade ball and an island picnic in Toronto. It is well known for its various activities and lively atmosphere.

Shaw Festival

Located in the area where Niagara Falls pours into Lake Ontario, from May to October, this very charming 19th century town invites guests to a luncheon to remember the life-long drama of Irish writer George Bernard Shaw and his contemporaries.

International Jazz Festival

In Montreal, this 10 day celebration shows the charm of jazz to people. Every year, more than 400000 fans go to Montreal to celebrate the festival in early July.

Festival Orford

Mount Orford in Quebec. It is one of the most famous summer music festivals in Canada.

Milomichi Folk Song Festival

For a long time, people have praised Canada for its natural beauty and vast land, but Canada is also famous as a center of contemporary art creation.

National Memorial Day for the victims of Nanjing Massacre

On October 26, 2017, Huang Sumei proposed to set up a memorial day in Ontario, Canada, to commemorate the victims of the Nanjing Massacre, and the No. 66 motion was unanimously passed. 


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