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What is the standard of 18K gold?

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Note: What is the standard of 18K gold?We often see a lot of jewelry on the market marked with 18K gold. Is 18K gold gold? How much gold is there? How to identify the gold content of 18K gold?18K gold is th

What is the standard of 18K gold?

standard of 18k gold

We often see a lot of jewelry on the market marked with 18K gold. Is 18K gold gold? How much gold is there? How to identify the gold content of 18K gold?

18K gold is the alloy with gold content of at least 75%, that is, the alloy with gold content of 18 / 24, and the remaining 25% is other precious metals, including platinum, nickel, silver, palladium, etc. 18K gold is a kind of low cost and comfortable gold ornament.

The calculation method of K-gold is to divide pure gold into 24 parts, and 24K gold is full gold. But in reality, it is impossible to have 100% gold, so the gold with 99.6% or more content stipulated by China can be called 24K gold.

According to the needs of the product, the color of 18K gold is determined by the combination of 25% precious metal and the content of 25% precious metal. At present, 18K gold mainly includes the following varieties:

Domestic mainstream 18K Gold in China Market:

1. White 18K Gold

2. Red 18K Gold

3. Rose Gold

4. 18 karat gold

18K white K gold: 75% + 25% silver, nickel + zinc combination (nickel shall not exceed 0.3%)

18K blue K gold: 75% + iron (appropriate)

18K black K gold: 75% + heavy iron

18K purple K gold: 75% + lead

18K yellow K gold: 75% + Ni + Ag + Zn

18K Rose K gold: 75% + Cu + Ag + Zn

18K white K-gold: 75% + silver + nickel + platinum + zinc or 75% + palladium, slightly bluish yellow white

How to identify the authenticity of 18K gold? We combine the situation of 18K gold in Chinese market to make an explanation for reference only.

1. The proportion of fake 18K gold is much lower than that of real gold, and it is obviously lack of weight when weighed by hand;

2. The fake 18K gold craft structure is slightly rough, the luster is not bright, the buckle is large, the gold skin that seems to fall off can be seen near, and the fading traces can be seen from the second-hand goods; while the real 18K gold craft is exquisite, the luster is bright;

3. Look at the steel seal of commodity label. The real 18K Gold commodity is engraved with steel seal of g18k, 18K or au750, g750, and the label name is 18K gold; the fake 18K steel seal is 18KGP or 18kgf, and the label name is alloy or 18K cast gold. Some of these accessories are only plated with 18K gold on the surface;

4. From the point of view of the place of purchase, real 18K gold is real gold, which can only be sold by the gold sales unit approved by the people's Bank of China;

5. The fake 18K gold can't be repaired and welded, once it is faded and broken, it can be thrown away; the real 18K gold can be repaired, cleaned and polished, if it is broken carelessly, it can also be repaired, it can be processed for other styles, even it can be sold as gold.

Watch out for the "Platinum" trap.

14K, 18K platinum and white 18K gold on the market are not platinum jewelry, but gold and silver, nickel, copper and other elements of the alloy, that is, white K gold, and platinum are two concepts. Platinum, whose scientific name is platinum, is more stable than gold in chemical properties and more expensive than gold. It is used to make high-grade jewelry. The "PT900" or "pt950" found on the products of jewelry stores represent that the content of platinum in the jewelry is 90% and 95% respectively.

gmtlight Miss Li reminds: when buying precious metal jewelry, you need to pay attention not to buy white K gold as platinum.

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