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Luminous pebbles make the fish tanks at night charming

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Note: Luminous pebbles make the fish tanks at night charming,it's real!Fish tank is the home of ornamental fish, crystal

luminous pebbles make the fish tanks at night charming,it's real!

Fish tank is the home of ornamental fish, crystal clear glass tank, which creates a warm home for fish, and also provides a guarantee for the overall room environment humidity, which is the basic guarantee for a perfect family life. In China, aquarium is closely related to home Fengshui, aquarium is the perfect combination with space, and is the soul of home, office and commercial space.

The sea water aquarium can breed some fish with bright colors, but the sea water environment is complex and requires a certain degree of professionalism.

In Chinese culture, the scenery of mountains and waters is one of the essence of culture. In the bustling modern metropolis, the fashionable upper class people are also thinking about how to introduce the landscape culture into the modern home life. In particular, the introduction of flexible water culture has become the current fashion of the main home. It's a good choice to decorate a fish tank that is compatible with the overall style of the room.

Indoor cultured ornamental fish also need to give them some rest time. The light can't be opened 24 hours. If the bottom of the fish tank is paved with a layer of Luminous pebbles, the pebbles will emit soft light when the LED light goes off, forming a harmonious and natural comfortable atmosphere. Good mood is born from these details.

A fish tank with black tone reflects the stable personality and noble status of the owner. In the hall full of light, the decoration shows the master's status and taste, the fish cruises in the world of light and luxury water, and the infinite vitality enlivens the atmosphere of the whole space.

The aquarium environment is an important element to reflect the host's life interest in the living room, and the exquisite details are the embodiment of fashion life attitude. As a concentrated display of smart and elegant life, the aquarium carves every edge and conner, which is also the pursuit of perfect life for modern household.

There are many kinds of aquarium, ranging from a simple small aquarium with only one fish to an ecological simulation aquarium with a sophisticated support system.

Aquarium is generally divided into fresh or salt water (or sea water), tropical or low temperature. These are the conditions that determine which species to raise. Most of the aquatic animals are caught in the wild, but some of them can be artificially propagated.

The trend of aquarium is green, natural, environmental protection and fashion. It is made by hand. Colorful fish, green grass and strange stones ingeniously integrate the natural beauty together, keeping the original flavor of nature. Colorful tropical fish freely shuttle in the clear acrylic fish tank. The whole picture is still and moving. The scenery is more beautiful than the painting. It is full of life. It's amazing. It's the first choice for home decoration and green life.

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